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1-273 Notes from the Edge

August 29, 2017
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Notes from the Edge:

Today marked my latest reboot. I am on a 9 month mission to build the best me I can be.

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I’m starting with a fast of at least 2 days, probably 3 or more. Why? I have let my diabetes get out of control lately by eating crappy food and not exercising. I have an appointment on day 3 to get my meds renewed, and I don’t want to show an out of control blood sugar number.

But it’s more than that. I have known about my diabetes for over a dozen years. Sometimes I keep it under control. Sometimes I don’t.

I am too old to be giving in to my sweet tooth. So here goes.

My one health goal for the next 273 days is to eat only real food that does not screw up my blood glucose levels. If I stick to the plan, I could well be diabetes free in 9 months. At worst, I’m sure I can get off the meds.

My problem is that I have to go 100% in on the plan. Not 98%. Not 99%.

The paradox is that willpower is actually easier if you make no exceptions. No piece of cake on your birthday. No stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner. I know there will be temptations galore over the next 9 months. But I am a bigger man than that.

When you think about it, unless you are in prison, you control all the food that goes into your mouth. No one makes you wolf down grains, sugar, and other processed carbs. No one.

Different plans are out there to help you control and maybe reverse diabetes naturally. If you like salads, The Big Diabetes Lie will work fine for many people. For me, I have to modify it. I prefer a Porterhouse to raw vegetables.

If you can’t control your mouth, you can look forward to sickness, neuropathy, and death earlier than your time.

As far as wealth goes, I need to master all of the online tools and software I have purchased lately to create that elusive full time income online.

As much as I hate it, to get that passive income online, you have to build a list.

In addition to the lists, I need to create niche websites/blogs, YouTube videos, and my own ebooks. I expect to publish between 1 and 6 ebooks on Kindle in the next 9 months.

Niche Websites

Creating a ton of mini-sites is a strategy of a bygone Internet age. Niche sites are fine, but you have to work smarter than in the past.

The old way:
choose a good keyword
build a site or WP blog
write 5+ articles
rinse and repeat

Google has a way of killing thin sites that are not updated on a regular basis.

You want to create an authority website. Authority sites are big. Amazon. CNN. Huffington Post.

Google knows that your 5 page site is not an authority. Tons of pages are crucial.

But the pages cannot all be curated or garbage. Google seeks out quality content that creates a better user experience. Everyone has searched a keyword and gotten a black hat bogus result. Google has people rooting those results out constantly.

While the bot can’t actually read your words, it can tell how long a visitor stays on your site, how many pages are visited, and how quickly a visitor bounces off the site. Visitors will bounce off a bad site like a fart in the wind.

Good sites are maintained and updated regularly. I have a number of domains not doing much business, so as I learn more, I have to set up a regular update schedule to make sure they rank.

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