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How to Tell if a Girl Has DADDY ISSUES ?



Talk a bit about the daddy issues like did she not have any kind of relationship with her father? Was he not around when she was growing up? Was he a furniture like what was the deal there? Well, she made him out to be a piece of furniture and again i i would later have we we’d later reconnect with him, and i can tell you a little bit about that, but uh he came so she when she was two she’s, got a brother. Her brother’s uh her brother’s four years older than her, but her father left the marriage when she was two he came out of the closet when she was two and he moved away, and she would obviously describe him as a deadbeat dad didn’t provide any support. So for so on, um, and so but the funny thing is she had a good relationship with her father up until her first marriage collapsed. So she did tell me um, as i did dig into it, a little bit that her her now openly gay father. You know the marriage was over. She was two years old um. He took in her ex-husband now she had she took in her ex-husband. I said: why would your? Why would your father do that to you and her story back to me was well he’s gay and he was attracted to him so so her dad took in her ex-husband when they got divorced to what live with him or yeah. He lived with him. He lived were they friends or was he trying to convert him to the other team or something? No, he had a life flight. He had a lifelong. He had a lifelong partner, um and uh. He moved in with him in florida, her father moved away to tampa florida and he moved in with him in florida and believe it or not. After after her third gift revelation to me, i started cross-checking. Everything and i looked up property records down in florida, hillsboro hillsborough county and i discovered indeed yeah he was on. He was on the title for the home that he had lived with. He lived with her father and his father’s partner and some woman who i never heard a thing about, so that piece was true, but but again she had a great relationship with her father up until um. Her marriage collapsed. So what other red flags popped up? That um, you know that you saw in the chapter when you were going through my book. I think it was the daddy issues and the fact that uh the fact that she you know initially when i met her, i you know i met her while playing in a slow pitch softball league and i didn’t think twice about her for three months. You know because it did concern me a little bit, you know call it judgmental, call it what you will at the age of 26, but i i decided she’d been married before i don’t want to go down that path, and i bumped into her in a bar And then we reconnected, and you know things you know things move forward from there so yeah we we had dated for about a year and a half uh and then got engaged and then uh married, and then you know our first, the first gift, my son billy, Arrived you know about a year after we had been married, so you quickly settle into you know, raising a child and there’s another child. Let me ask you this question when, when you guys were dating for the year and a half before you get married um, how did she respond to stress in the relationship like? Did you guys ever fight over anything or no? We we didn’t, and that’s that’s. That’S the thing that uh completely caught me off guard. You know we. We were happily married for for 17 years 17 years, eh yeah yeah, you


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