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IBM* Reboot

IBM* Reboot

At age 66, it’s amazing how often I have to reboot and clean up my bad habits. You would think I would have learned by now.

Over my adult life, I have been exposed to countless self-help books, which might help if I actually did what they recommended. No such luck.

Books like “Think and Grow Rich” are just idiotic. If that plan worked, we would all be healthy, wealthy, and wise, since we have all read that book. Maybe more than once.

Underneath all the positive thinking shams lies a stinking feeling that maybe you’re not good enough. Maybe I had the confidence to take on the challenges of life 20 or 30 or 40 years ago, but a string of divorces and business failures have left me bitter and beaten like a drum.

Somehow I have lost my ability to evaluate my situation. I want to compare my lot in life to others I have known. Or I look at my life now and wonder how I flat out destroyed golden opportunities that were already in my hands.

We have all learned to substitute the judgement of others for our own. If someone else says that we are doing the right thing, we are proud and believe them. But how often does that happen?

Most likely, someone disapproves of our actions, and we take that as gospel. We forget the old adage that opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. And most of them stink.

I choose the IBM* (Introvert Boomer Male) Reboot quite frankly because I am one. I share these ideas as I walk the walk. Theory alone will not help, especially as that light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter every day.

As baby boomers, we’re not done yet. Not by a long shot.

I don’t know where feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem crept in. But it doesn’t matter. You can only begin a journey from where you are at today. I will share tips and techniques and strategies and rituals I use to maximize my health, wealth, and relationships.

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