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Jordan Peterson – 50 Rules

Jordan Peterson rules for life and success

Jordan Peterson – 50 Rules

Here’s a long video by Jordan Peterson (compiled by another – yes I know the curator repeated #39 and #42). Peterson’s books and lectures and videos stir the pot for snowflakes, but we are IBMs* dammit.

1. stop doing the wrong things
2. make a schedule
3. clarify your thoughts
4. take the meaningful path
5. specify your goals
6. stop saying things that make you weak
7. adopt the mode of authentic being
8. learn from your errors
9. have a conversation with yourself
10. aim high
11. set up criteria for success
12. learn how to think critically
13. don’t be harmless
14. compare yourself to who you were yesterday
15. start small
16. don’t make excuses
17. change yourself
18. toughen up
19. find your winning strategy
20. make yourself into something
21. encourage others
22. take responsibility
23. know when to pull back
24. change yourself
25. find your purpose
26. tell the truth, or at least don’t lie
27. treat yourself like you matter
28. don’t be arrogant
29. listen to others
30. be precise in your speech
31. pursue what is meaningful
32. fight for your beliefs
33. take on challenges
34. don’t compare yourself to others
35. develop resilience
36. get your act together
37. concentrate on who you could be
38. leave your comfort zone
39. find your why
40. pick the lesser risk
41. set goals properly
42. find your why
43. eat a little poison every day
44. take responsibility
45. become disciplined
46. be truthful
47. provide value
48. just start doing
49. develop communication skills
50. fight for what you stand for

As IBMs*, use Peterson as a guide to develop your own IBM* path.