Introvert Boomer Male

Introvert Boomer Male

Last Call

Last Call

Baby boomers are the ultimate pig in the python. We are a 76 million strong wall born between 1946 and 1964. But we have messed up. Our numbers have changed education, housing, and the job market.

Are influences high at a time when the Coronavirus and the various government reactions to it have destroyed the economy.

Now we were heading toward a monetary and financial crisis anyway.

What the virus did, was give small minded government officials an excuse to lock down the country and turn people against each other.

It’s amazing how much we depend on things like public schools and restaurants to get us out of the house and away from children and other relatives.

For me, working at home is a method that I have to use, not the one that I want to use. I have been on lockdown for more than three years.

It’s not pretty.

My health has been declining significantly. I have trouble remembering some things, but not to the point where I think I’m getting any type of dementia like both of my parents have suffered.

But I do find it harder to remember names, and maybe even directions when I’m going somewhere. When I look back over my last 10 years, I can see that some of these problems developed in a tiny way in the past, but did not raise any concerns.

Now however, I find myself spilling things and dropping things much more commonly than ever did in the past.

My strength is way down, and my balance is disappearing.

One of the main features of my next year of building myself into an ideal IBM*, is to workout everyday in such a way that I look as good as I possibly can.

The trouble with being a perpetual traveler is that you have to be healthy. You will always come into contact with unexpected viruses and other diseases. Also, you need to be physically fit to take rough travel and just being outdoors a lot more than you are now.

In America, even with some of the lockdowns being eased, we are all going to face a number of critical issues in the future.

The more extremist writers among us believe that we are heading for the total destruction of America or even Western Civilization.

I don’t know why we have all managed to stand down and not resist rioting and looting.

It seems very strange to me that people are buying the white privilege b*******. Not b******* that exists, but bullshit that you can do anything about it just because you happen to be white.

It’s an old communist trick that before you can take over a country, you have to destroy that country’s history.

This was happening pretty quickly after the death of George Floyd, but it is he’s got up a little bit because the radical left does fear a redneck and cracker blowback from all of their activities.

As much as I don’t want to, I believe we may have to engage in one last battle.

There’s no way as baby boomers that we need younger people to destroy our retirements.

Unfortunately, we may have to take drastic actions that no previous generation in our history has had to endure.

Some of the things that we may have to do are convert our savings into cash and gold, get a second passport and citizenship in a different country, and prepare to have our main address abroad.

I believe that instead of mail order brides, many baby boomer males from the United States and other Western countries are going to be living in the third world as mail-order husbands.

In many ways, it’s absolutely better.

In places like the Philippines, you can live like a king on Social Security. The only downside is that you have to be healthy. Medicare does not travel with you abroad. One thing Medicare can do for you, is that if you have a major illness or procedure, you can travel back to the US for treatment.

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