Introvert Boomer Male

Introvert Boomer Male

Morning Pages

I’ve been getting away from my morning pages. I am back at McDonald’s on Beach, but most of my homeless pals have scattered. I think we’ve had too much rain, and coming here by bicycle is not a good idea.


Over the past 3 months, I lost 2 pounds, yet my belly seems bigger and softer. I fear I’m losing muscle mass. I can barely do 5 pushups, and my Planet Fitness membership goes largely unused.

For rainy days, I have to exercise at home. Stretching. Planks. Calisthenics. More.

One benefit of no TV is I haven’t missed much. My mother and her caregiver have Fox News on all day, at least until Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy come on. It’s amazing how many hours of talking head time are spent on trivial political issues.

“A recent poll published in U.S. News and World Report now shows Oprah Winfrey as the clear winner in 2020. Beating President Trump by 13%.”

Not out of the question. But Stansberry says it will be someone even more radical.

Most Americans also don’t realize that Millennials (who hold nearly 65% of this debt) are now our country’s largest generation, outnumbering Boomers.

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