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My Personal Panera Bread Office

my personal home office at panera bread

My Panera Bread Office

With family issues trapping me at home, I work primarily from midnight to 9:00 am.  Thank god for Panera Bread.  I arrive there at 6:00 am, and spend 3 hours sipping coffee and working online.

As for coffee, it’s as good as it gets.  They have self-serve light roast, dark roast, hazelnut, and decaf.  While I work, I only partially fill the cup to keep it hot, and go back often to refill.

Panera Bread is the perfect office for this IBM*  or any solopreneur out and about.  

There are a half dozen terminals near the front door.  I login to my free account, place my order, grab a cup, and take my favorite seat.  (I could save my credit card info to save time, but I don’t. If the big banks can’t prevent massive breaches, how could a retail restaurant chain?)

Compared to Starbucks or McDonald’s or other restaurants with public wifi, Panera Bread is faster and easier to use.  No extra login steps that throw ads in your face. And the workers may say hello, and I will greet them in return, but that is about as much interaction as an IBM* needs at 6:00 in the morning.

A strange side note:  the bathroom smell. I don’t know if this was intentional in the design, or a happy accident.  The men’s room smells like baked bread instead of how men normally make it smell like. I hope it was some architect’s contribution to a better world.

No matter what I do for the rest of the day, I have 3 good hours of work under my belt without distractions.  What could be better?

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