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The truth is all you need to concentrate on is your theme and the action you need to take next. My theme involves my personal health, wealth, and relationships. I like to determine what needs to be done in each area each day.

For example, I fight everyday to control diabetes without drugs and insulin. I could live off sugar and processed carbs, and I have run my blood sugar up over 600 in recent weeks.

I am like those massive men and women featured in My 600 lb. Life who can’t stop eating and gaining weight. It’s easy to look at these fatties and say “I would never let myself go like that.”

And then I eat fries and ice cream and pie and cookies and jack my blood sugar up near coma levels. Intentionally. Or at least in denial that it will do this much damage. The real sick part about diabetes is that you don’t feel sick.

I have to create a health system that works for me and that I will actually do. Food alone will only take me so far. When I test my sugar levels, nothing drops them faster than long walks and weight lifting.

By a long walk I mean 6 to 12 miles a day. At 3 miles an hour, you’re looking at a minimum of 2 to 4 hours a day not including breaks, rest, or Starbucks. Walking is the only thing that brings my sugar levels under 100. Even fasting will not do it.

When it comes to diabetes, you will see “reversal” strategies that range from 100% raw vegan foods (try to get enough calories and protein and Vitamin B12) to an almost traditional Atkins low carb attack or maybe a Primal/Paleo in between.

My personal theme is perpetual travel. To make it happen, I need to be physically fit with any fixable ailments under control, enough money coming in through Internet marketing to pay the way, and a list of places to visit to find a perfect spouse/partner.

Health, wealth, and relationships must work together seamlessly.

Trying to go cold turkey and knock out diabetes is one approach. Another is to tackle one action at a time, day by day. It’s a bit like weight loss. Most plans go cold turkey for quick results. Then Ben & Jerry’s is on sale, and your numbers are in the tank again.

By the way, Ben and Jerry are my two favorite Yankees.

Both are tough.

The Stoic approach is continuous improvement. It’s okay to have the future in mind, but multitasking is a myth, and you can only improve one thing at a time.

I’m just coming off a knee injury of some sort, or inflammation and swelling. I’m feeling a number of strange physical ailments like tingling in my Achilles tendon and dry mouth. Guess what is a possible cause of each – diabetes.

My next step is to get my blood sugar under control, but how?

If I try to eat vegan, give up all sugar and starch, and go to the gym 2x a day all at once, I will fail.

If I eat what I am eating now, and go for a 6 mile walk, I can test my blood sugar before and after to see exactly what the results are. Then I can test walking 9 miles, or 12.

But if I give up all sugar and walk 9 miles and drink only water all at the same time, I don’t know which action caused the favorable readings. Each should give a better result, but which ones work for me.

You have to march to the beat of your own, internal drummer.

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