Introvert Boomer Male

Introvert Boomer Male

Power Clash Between Introverts & Extroverts | Sadhguru (2019)

it’s video contains special powerful
speeches combined with chakra healing music and binaural beats technology
listening daily is proven to heal motivate and will change your life difference between this extrovert or
introvert is or what these two things are these it’s like mistaking your exhalation for
inhalation and inhalation exhalation there is no such thing as extrovert or
introvert do not classify people like some people see that they need to act
and reach out some people say there is not much need for that so maybe they are
not on the Twitter and Facebook but whatever this doesn’t mean their improve
it they have a life of their own we should not judge people like this every
human being has a right to be whichever way they want but now the question is if
I am NOT extrovert will I be able to do things in the world that’s a – what say
your ability to do things is not because you want to do things I want to do
something is my desire desire is just an intention an intention won’t make things
happen an internship will only set the direction still you have to make the
journey silly now one important thing especially because you’re artists your
model business program or something like that I think you should look at life
like this you must see how to enhance this one enhance this one means not blow
up your ego in a big way enhance the life that you are when I say life I am
talking about the life that you are I am NOT talking about your body I’m not
talking about the structure of your mind I am not talking about when people say
life you are supposed to decipher they could be talking about their home they
could be talking about the relationship they could be talking about their car or
their dog or something my life means something I am NOT talking about that I
am talking about the life that you are your life you really like or just a
bundle of thoughts emotions ideas prejudices opinions most people are just
this because of that we make conclusions this is an introvert this is an
extrovert because without conclusion you can’t have a thought
you need conclusions and conclusions and conclusions about everything now I need
to conclude this is introvert this is extrovert otherwise my thought every
time freaks okay who the who the LLC but human fat will be sub such I don’t have
to continue I can just look this moment how is that all the patterns yesterday
how she was doesn’t matter isn’t it and tomorrow how she is going to be you have
no clue yes sir do not fix life either yours or anybody
else’s do not fix it because what you are calling is human life is a
possibility to make this possibility in your reality you have to travel a
distance do you have the courage and the commitment to travel the distance that’s
all the question is it doesn’t matter what is your level of intelligence what
is your level of capability introvert extrovert this that doesn’t matter do
you have the courage and commitment to make the possibility into your reality
that’s all the questions so if you focus whatever you’re doing right now it
doesn’t matter what it is how simple and actual going right now it doesn’t matter
if you are absolutely devoted to that that you’re doing right now depending
upon various aspects things will unfold but
because of Western influences will become too goal-oriented goal-oriented
means we are interested in the consequence but we are not interested in
the process if you are not interested in the process you should not be an artist
yes process is an end in itself if you are
absolutely devoted to the process depending upon various aspects something
will come out but now we are interested in the consequence not in the process
this go know readiness I want to get there I want to get there with the hell
do you want to get no I want to win the race
see if you treat life as a race if you have to win it you have to get to the
finish line soon isn’t it you want to do get to the finish line ahead of all
these people you won the race you know what the finish line is will be
negotiating where to worry so particularly being in creative arts
don’t ever think of a goal what should I become how should I be what should I
create don’t worry about this thing if you devote it to the process something
will come up something more beautiful than you imagined will happen because
you’re devoted in the process with our devotion I am specifically using the
word devotion because people think devotion means going to the temple
church or mosque know without devotion either in sport art music spirituality
politics business anything any hurry now life has anybody done anything truly
significant without being absolutely what they’re doing have they no media
for things you can do so do not think of art and aesthetics as a way to earn a
living living will happen living will happen this is what I am promising
people of all professions no matter what especially for artists if you have a
problem with bread you come to me I will make sure you have a roof and a bread
only thing I want to see is you focus on something I don’t care what nothing came
out of your focus I don’t care but I want to see you focused on something I
can’t stand unfocused people that’s all open-ended offer anybody who’s worrying
about bread you just come to me I’ll make sure you eat for the rest of your
life and you have a place to stay but I want to see you at least 12 hours a day
focused on something whatever the damn thing is I want to ask you what you’re
focused on but I want to see you focused because if a human being stays focused
on something inevitably leave how can it not be the universe will help you if you
are focused

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