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Strength Training

Strength Training

As we get older, flexibility is as much an issue as brute strength.

Strength is the ability of muscles to exert or resist force.

We exercise and muscle groups by isolating certain exercises and adding stress through weights, exercise bands, or our own body weight.

As we grow older, our muscles weaken and muscle mass decreases. On top of that, flexibility and mobility decreases.

Sports trainers are recommending strength training for all individuals over 50 years of age.

Some nursing homes have found that elderly patients can increase their strength dramatically by weight training.

Could this be the secret to anti-aging?

If seniors do any type of exercise, it is most likely some form of endurance training. Most likely walking. But that shouldn’t be the end of endurance training. Other exercises like bicycling, dancing, swimming, and maybe even jogging are available at any age.

I don’t know why we look for a single solution to exercise. What we need is a combination of endurance and strength training.

The hardest part for me is mindset.

I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble motivating myself to exercise. Part of the problem is that the gym is still closed during the lockdown. I don’t know why Planet Fitness has not reopened even though it is allowed to reopen in Florida. Maybe they’re waiting for the whole country to reopen.

Planet Fitness has reopened with reduced hours.

Being active is a lifestyle not a chore. For me to be able to do this on a regular basis, I have to incorporate exercise into my daily rituals and habits. I can begin by including some small changes like walking up stairs instead of taking an elevator or parking near the end of the parking lot instead of near the door of the store.

Another way I can get some activity, and some vitamin D on my skin, is to include cleaning around the house and doing some yard work to make this place look better. It does give me a chance to do a little bit of exercise and get a little bit of sign without having to go to the gym.

I have been debating on whether or not to keep a daily checklist of what I do to see if that helps me increase my physical activities.

Things that are not tracked are often ignored.

Some people like using fitness apps that you can get for your iPhone or Android phone.

For me I like making a detailed checklist on paper and then scanning the results into my computer and saving it on an external hard drive.

Each person needs their own motivation on why they need to get in shape and be physically fit. Mine involves becoming a perpetual traveler again. No one needs to travel around the world worried about their health or not being able to enjoy the sights because they are out of breath.

I know mine is different. I plan to go looking for my last wife. The only way I can attract the best looking 40 and 50 year old women in the world, is to be physically strong and mentally alert.

And I don’t want to be a creepy Joe Biden.

While we were home during the lockdown, I had plenty of time to develop some in-home workout routines. I just didn’t do it. Now that the country is getting back to a little bit normal, I still need to have something to do at home that doesn’t require any equipment.

Some people like to have workout partners. I don’t. I don’t like to have to depend on someone else’s schedule for me to get my exercise.

At age 67, I have to make the decision to get fit again once and for all. What am I waiting for? To get old.

As soon as I have tests and possibly surgery done for my prostate, I will go full 75 Hard.

As a writer, I spend way too much time sitting. I don’t especially like riding at a standing desk. Some people do.

What I want to develop is a number of calisthenics and stretching exercises that can be done in 1 to 5 minutes to help break up my writing.

I have to believe it’s not too late to get started on a fitness program.

If I did believe that, I might as well just give up and die.

With the Coronavirus and rioting taking our attention, no one has heard squat about global warming or climate change. Maybe we can just go about our business without listening to that crap for a while.

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