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Tips for Age Differences

Tips for Mail Order Bride Age Differences

Quite a bit of the criticism of mail order brides emerges from the notable age differences between Western men and their Eastern European (or Asian) brides.

Introvert Boomer Males (IBMs) may seek out a young wife in other countries for any number of reasons, including virility, a second chance at children, excitement, and feeling respected and honored for being a man, husband, provider, and father.

International brides, most notably those in challenging financial situations, seek husbands who are more mature, established, and who can easily provide support and security for a family. It helps if he does not drink too much, does not gamble, and has his wild oats behind him.

Young men tend to have restricted romantic skills. Let’s face it. For the most part, the perfect woman was naked and horizontal.

As men get older, we become aware that good sex gets old, and we need more from a partner. We in fact start to listen to her, and look for common ground without being exceedingly possessive and controlling.

International marriages between people with major age differences do happen. I see it as a deal. And why not, after all?

Poor, determined young women often marry older guys. A man receives a young beautiful woman in exchange for his support. The woman is not unhappy; her life improves tremendously, she doesn’t have to concern yourself about survival anymore.

It’s a wholly different story when men fully understand exactly what these girls really want, accept it, and play along. They want to have a young Russian wife or girlfriend, and they are ready to pay for it because they are not able to get what they want any other way.

Usually the man who can persuade a woman 25 years his junior to marry him will be quite rich or, at the very least, tremendously charismatic (a former senator or a leader of a motorbike gang, for example). Rich and famous is best. Younger women are quite easily seduced by the lifestyle.

Try not to forget that age is actually just a number. You are dating a person, not a birth date. The more quickly you get the number out of your mind, the easier it should be to focus on what you have to offer each other.

I have seen a few wonderful marriages where the huge age gap worked out fine. They have remarkably good marriages. But I’ve seen more where they end up calamitous. That’s why I would counsel couples to be very sure that they’re thinking of marriage for more reasons than the emotional rush.

The pastimes of a 40 or a 50 year old typically are different than those of a 60 or 70 year old. Progressing age brings different “problems” with it. When you grow old together, being close to the same age at each stage, it can be considerably easier to take. But when a 25 year old marries a 45 year old, the gap physically and emotionally grows wider with each passing year. That’s just a reality of life that you need to handle.

Real-life couples seldom have a generation-long discrepancy between them.

Here are my raw opinions as to the more suitable age for women that my 63 year old ass might just attract:

For women, the most attractive women live in the Ukraine. Kharkiv must have in the water that makes stunning beauties that, god knows why, consider you a good catch.

That said, I wouldn’t trust a young “Russian” woman as far as I can spit.

Be wary of agencies and middlemen who claim they can find you a Latin American or Russian wife 30 to 35 years younger than you. It might be possible, but the odds of keeping her are very slim, and it’s probably a scam.

I’m sorry to say, going to a dating agency doesn’t always assure you that you’ll meet a woman who honestly wants to create a family. Many agencies out there are crooks working with the women who are out there to cheat you. This is why you will need to be careful when considering an agency.

In Eastern Europe, the age difference between partners ranges from 5 to 15 years. So a Western man should not be shocked if he is emailed by women from this part of the world who are up to 15 years younger.

Let’s be truthful. Age difference in couples affects their long-term prospects. Anything over 15 years is too big a gap. If you want to play, fine, but don’t lie to yourself. There are lovely, intelligent, caring individuals who will make great lovers, and with whom you can be happy over the long haul. Give yourself a chance.

As to women in Southeast Asia, go as young as you want. I’m not sure I would want to date or marry any woman in Vietnam, Thailand, or the Philippines over the age of 30. You can wager that women from these countries will want to become mothers if they do not have children presently.

Latinas are acknowledged to be faithful and devoted wives. The divorce rate is low. And these women tend to live at home until they marry.

Many Latin American women prefer men 10-12 years older because they consider age to be a sign of maturity and stability. Latin American women are also concerned with appearance and financial success.

If you are done with diapers and sleep deprivation, you may want to try to find older brides-to-be in Eastern Europe or Latin America.

In China, you can find “Leftover Ladies” in their late 30s or divorcees in their 40s that appear to be years younger and who make incredible wives. They have great problems with finding acceptable matches at home.

Their confidence in most cases comes from the place of professional excellence rather than just money alone (money is the by-product of their certified brilliance). Men who marry younger women are experts in their fields.

Good-looking young men with gym bodies can afford a fashion faux pas or two, but you cannot. Many women abroad have a more official idea of what is appropriate attire for men, and in particular on a first date. Expensive clothes and impeccable style will be essential for the timeframe of your courtship, and even the years thereafter.

You need to additionally have quite a bit of ability in the bedroom, and be able to promise satisfaction to your younger partner. Rumor has it that 90% of men have no clue how female sexuality operates, and are pretty horrific lovers. Ability learned over time can seal the deal.

You do have to consider your home country’s immigration policies if you have a large age gap. It would be a shame to burn your time, your money, and start a visa process, to be denied at the end because you ignored this aspect.

Bottom line: Marriage can be put into the same context. Make sure you and the person you are marrying have considered “the cost” of what you are about to do. If not, the right thing to do would be to back away before the marriage —not later.

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