Introvert Boomer Male

male - born 1946 to 1964 - introverted

Upgrading Ourselves

Every few years, we upgrade our computers, or at least our operating systems, to make our machines run faster and perform tasks better than ever.  Why don’t we do this for ourselves? Conscious engineering is an operating system for the mind. Most of the systems we employ today were thrust on us by others who lived in a different world. I grew up on meat and potatoes which dieticians preached to our mothers and schools who shoved the USDA food pyramid down our throats.  Now my research and study has led me to go vegan.  Once I saw some animal rights videos, radical vegan.  But these old systems also no longer work for jobs, marriage, work, or education.  Unless it’s a stepping stone to a professional career, or in a STEM field, what good is a Bachelor’s Degree.

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