Why are MEN Getting FEMINIZED Now More Than Ever

Why are MEN Getting FEMINIZED Now More Than Ever

Don’t know if I buy all of the talk about phytoestrogens. The science seems mixed, but you can avoid soy and not take chances.

So this is a collab i did with dr anthony j. He wrote a book called estrogeneration and he’s got a website and share the screen because there’s a few things here, i want to cover boom boom boom. Okay, let’s go here for a second, so he wrote this book called estrogeneration uh. The subtitle. The book is why you’re sick fat and infertile, or something like that or basically the entire concept of the book, is there’s these environmental estrogens, which get into a man’s body and makes them weak, basically beta-ass [, __ ], and it’s a big problem.

It’S, in my opinion, one of the greatest contributors to the weakening of men today, uh is, is this very book that we got from dr anthony j, breaking it all down for us where’s this thing here anyway. So this is the video over here we had a huge long talk, went through everything. Oh we’re gon na damn commercials running on anyway. Watch it later. I’Ve already dropped the link for you.

I want you guys to watch later, so this is right off of his website. Updated list of estrogenic substances, top 10 of the daily estrogenics from his book ester generation. Again read it for yourself. If you really want to get into it, phytoestrogens plant estrogens, which main exposure comes from flax, soy, lavender and cannabis smoke. I did ask him about cannabis vaping when i had him on for the interview – and he said: that’s not estrogenic cannabis smoke.

So if you’re combusting your herb, it’s estrogenic if you’re vaping it you’re okay, but plant estrogens, specifically flax. I used to put flaxseed oil in my shakes because it’s a healthy fat, not anymore. I haven’t done that since i talked to dr anthony j soy. There’S a lot of arguments out there between people on especially you know, it’s like the vegans versus everybody else, sort of thing. It’S like soy’s, not bad for you.

Yes, it is so conclusively. It is bad for men if you, if you want to argue with somebody, go, read his book and then you send him a letter and you argue with him conclusively it’s bad for men. It is estrogenic in the male body. There is no question about that. Lavender lavender is a wonderfully fragrant flower sounds.

You know it smells great, but it’s estrogenic there’s a lot of toiletry products. Women use it a lot of the time in uh like oils um, it’s it’s infusing the candles a lot of the time so like the scent um, so you have to be careful with lavender if your dude, so those are the main ones here again read the Book, if you want to get you know deep in the details, but this is like you know the surface level stuff, which will be very, very important: uh, mycoestrogens, uh, so fungus funguses can be uh estrogenic, but the main source he concluded in the book came from Grains, okay, so don’t buy cheap ass shitty food because it could have one of the greatest sources of estrogenic compounds in the food system comes from fast food because they’ve got like they have to have this system down. It’S a science. We have to move this [ __ ] out the door all day, long and feed people for cheap and unfortunately, a byproduct of that is a lot of it is estrogenic. Atrazine is a herbicide uh.

It is very estrogenic um. It’S been used in um the u.s for a long time, there’s some states where it’s banned, it’s banned in canada and throughout most of europe, but if you’re, an american you got to watch where you’re getting your food from um atrazine is a very powerful herbicide. Also, they also put it in the [ __ ], where you um spray, your weeds. You know between your stones and your bricks and all that, and it kills them it’s very, very effective, but it’s estrogenic in the human body, so you get it on your skin.

You know you have kids playing around it. You’Re gon na have all kinds of problems right, so be careful with that kind of [ __ ] with atrazine uh, i’m gon na butcher. Some of the pronunciations of these um try try colas whatever the hell soap estrogen. Let’S just move on to what it is: soap, estrogens um, one of the big reasons why i’ve been such a huge supporter of the tactical soap okay, which is grondike soap company’s product? Is it’s a handmade natural pheromone soap, the ingredients?

What are the damn ingredients side here? It is vegetable oil blend which is olive and organic, sustainable plant oils, coconut oil and shea butter, water, sodium hydroxide beer. This is beer scented, oh yeah! This is the beer one orange oil androscendione. That’S it nothing else.

Just the pheromones now i challenge you to go grab your bar of i don’t know. What’S a popular brand irish spring or something dove men’s friendly, whatever just grab it, take a look at the side of it you’re going to see all kinds of chemicals on there, but you’re going to want to look for ones that sound like benzophene or anything with Fiend at the end of it hang on. I got ta put this back up on the screen. Sorry, let’s make this a little bit bigger. I didn’t realize i minimized that to show okay, let’s slide this over here.

Okay, that should work for you anyway, um. So anything that you see with benzo fiend anything ending in fiend anything ending in xyldene. These are the problems. Okay, you’re gon na get these a lot um there’s another one. I picked up some sunscreen the other day.

I know we cover sunscreen, so i’ll save that for that one next too, but you got to be careful with toiletries, cheap shampoos, cheap conditioners, uh, skin gels, fragrances um, you know the like, even the expensive ones. You know you watch these fragrance channels and these dudes are like. Oh, you got ta spray this on and it smells like musk and raccoon and bear piss all mixed together and you’re gon na get, ladies throwing them. So it’s all [ __ ] chemicals, man and they’re, mostly estrogenic uh. You don’t need a 300 bottle of a fragrance to get girls.

Trust me trust me. Okay, pay attention here, man, um red number 40, is a artificial red food. Coloring you’ll find it in any of these energy drinks that you see in the gas stations that are of a red color, any food that you see with red coloring. You see red cake, you know like red, velvet, cheesecake or some [ __ ], like that. That’S got red number 40 in it.

That’S estrogenic in the male body parabens, which is the fragrance estrogenic, which i was talking about a little bit earlier. All those cheap, [, __, ], [, __, ] sprays that you put on your body and you see guys doing this stuff and you know they have like a wall of 800 women coming at them, and the dude’s doing this. That is estrogenic marketers are great they’re. Going to sell you on this crap, but it’s estrogenic, you don’t need any of that. Crap phthalates, plastic additive, estrogenic, so any food or beverage packaged in plastic is estrogenic.

You cannot even rely on bpa. Sorry, it’s saying bpa free, because even packaging that says bpa-free might be bpa-free in the cap, but the bottle itself has bpa or vice versa, and even then, when it’s labeled bpa-free, don’t trust it. You should be drinking fluids out of like use a water uh container. That’S refillable either glass or metal, but not plastic, even if it says bpa-free stay away from that [ __, ] and ee-2, which is birth control. A lot of you guys, don’t know this, but they cannot filter hormones from sewage water.

There’S a lot of women that are on birth control and have been for a long time. They drink their fluids all day, long, their coffees, their teas and their waters, and they go to the bathroom. They have a little whiz. All of that urine that gets into the uh septic systems. They they get out, particles they get out the crap, the toilet paper.

Everything else you flush down a toilet, but hormones cannot be removed by the water filtration plants. Okay, so birth control ends up in the drinking water. If you’re drinking tap water, that’s unfiltered, you’re, estrogenic guarantee it that’s. Why you see so many dudes walking around today with female breast tissue, there’s? Actually men getting breast cancer today.

Just think about that marinate on that. For a second all right, let’s go down here! I’M gon na rip through this uh. So we’re not on this too too long tonight, this little uh chart here, i’m gon na grab this page uh. You guys can open up another window and watch along.

If you want with it or just reference it for later uh, so we covered the top 10 estrogens, which i just went through anyway. You guys can take a look at all this. It’S it’s! It’S a really really useful uh website um, the other one that i didn’t cover in here as well is sunscreens, do not use anything with oxybenzone uh, basically, anything that you see on packaging, that’s got benzone or zone on or something like that. It’S it’s!

It’S generally speaking, probably going to be estrogenic right, so you want to use zinc based sunscreen only sometimes they cost a little bit more but hey. If you give a [ __ ] you’re, going to pay attention to that. If you’re not have fun doesn’t matter to me, you

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