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Why Bother With Marriage?

Most people regard marriage as old-school. Isn’T two people taking care of things? Why bother with red tape? There are still some strange antiques churches, temples, hymns, wedding, vows and prayers. Marriage is definitely a religious custom left over from the early days of mankind. It is stupid at home. Obviously it is not in line with modern social logic, But the marriage just survived. The core of marriage is to be restrained and lower standards. Once they break up, they will face high costs. Then why should we get married In the early years we said to ourselves: This is the will of God, so we are married, But now that its all about God, we have been determined not to get married and the result is even worse. On the one hand, your carefully selected acquaintances are all present to witness that you will stay together forever.

You willingly concocted a dilemma for yourself. He looked back and admitted that it was a mistake At the same time, even if you want to make things clear, But Shenli said that it will involve financial and legal disputes. You need to know that the lawyers and accountants on both sides are enough to separate you. It was completely over, but the result was very tough, Its strange to say in the midst of it. We seem to think this is not bad, Although it will be a little uncomfortable, although it is difficult to break up, But at least it is good for both sides.

Historically, there was a well-known test in psychology called cotton candy Designed to measure whether children have the ability to delay satisfaction, See if you have the ability to consider longer-term issues, Give some three-year-old furry a cotton candy Tell them at the same time if they can hold On for 5 minutes before taking the first bite, they can get the second one. As a result, many children failed to make it to the end. Looking at the marshmallows in front of me, they are so fragrant. I cant wait to eat them later. Can’T wait for the reward afterwards. More importantly, the observations found that these children will become depressed because they cannot control their impulses Compared with those children who are super able to consider long-term benefits. The price to pay is more. Marriage is no exception. There are so many things that seem to be one hundred thousand rush We want to escape, because we are angry. Xinhuan is more pleasing and wants to immediately abandon the old love

Looking around there seems to be no exit, How much money it would cost. It was shameful and it would take several years no coincidence at all Marriage can control one’s inner impulse strongly Sexual struggle treachery wildness. We know exactly what we are in our hearts and basically accept it all. Under the momentary impulse, people usually make bad choices. Marriage is to let us know that we can control our impulses when we enter the palace of marriage. We are willing to entrust ourselves to others, because we don’t believe in ourselves If the two of them don’t bother to think about what would happen if they were not married. This kind of marriage is indeed relatively rare, But getting married makes these feelings irrelevant, And these are destined. Marriage frees us from desires. At the same time, let us realize more clearly that those are not what we really want. We do our best to grow and mature. In marriage and eventually become “ complete people”, We are often attracted Precisely because they pointed us in the right direction, But when we often go out with others, it is obviously not so friendly and normal

In fact, on the basis of our self-improvement, it will become clear over time. There will be more and more opportunities for improvement in the future, Especially when we no longer avoid those people. Those who make us mistakenly believe that there is nothing wrong with ourselves. Stars have changed, and the fierce battle of marriage has also changed the topic. It has nothing to do with the influence of foreigners on us.

Its that our real focus is that its hard to devote ourselves to it In the past fifty years, the indoctrination of education has made it easier to break up. The challenge now is another aspect, Keep telling yourself why the stress response sometimes makes no sense. I also remind myself to wait and see the next one might be better…

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