Introvert Boomer Male

Introvert Boomer Male

You Won’t Believe Introvert Boomer Male Reboot

You Won’t Believe Introvert Boomer Male Reboot

IBM* Restart
(*Introvert Boomer Male)

As an Introvert Boomer Male, I don’t feel mature, and I don’t feel like my entire life is over. I’m just mystified.

When did I decide to relax?

Why did we not learn from the Stoics, the Greeks, or the Code of Bushido, how to live a healthy and worthy life?.

Leave it to semi-frauds like Napoleon Hill to make you feel like a failure if you can’t think and grow rich. As a general rule, self-help pablum tends to make us all feel like failures when we can’t move in some self-anointed guru’s path.

Perhaps more than once.

Irregardless of how hard you try to remain positive, negative thoughts defeat your sense of happiness and self-esteem. Fear wells up in my thoughts when I contemplate taking on a new undertaking. How much time do I have left? What if I choose the wrong path?

Chatter in my mind makes it challenging to scrutinize my life. I want to compare my lot in life to others I have known. I’ve had some superb jobs. And I’ve settled for shitty jobs when I needed the money. But I have yet to live the life I secretly desire.

Most of us value the opinions of others over our own. Your point of view is as least as important as that of others. Value it.

No one is perfect. We all move through life the best way we can. Mistakes are inevitable.

To know an IBM is the first step to enlightenment. Especially if you know yourself. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Walking the walk is the challenge. We don’t know how much time any of us has on Earth. Time is of the essence.

We’re IBMs* dammit. We’re not done yet. Or dead either.

I don’t know where feelings of uncertainty and low self-worth crept in. No fears. Start at the beginning. I can only share what I learn and test – on myself.

Only you can decide if these approaches will work for you. For whatever reason, we see our own problems as unmanageable. Given enough time and information, we can solve almost any problem.

Everyone has their own set of unique problems. Focus on solutions.

Actions you can take to reclaim your integrity and self-esteem:

1. Reboot your life style, or life theme, and start living the life you want.

2. Overcome fears that you are choosing the inappropriate path or that you are too old to make effective changes.

3. Trust your gut. Take action.

4. Face fears of being rejected and insecurity and squash them once and for all.

5. Comparisons to others are counter-productive. And detrimental. Stop.

6. Stuck? Think like an iphone and jailbreak. Do things no one thinks you can do.

7. Learn from the Stoics and take one action at a time.

8. Fix your personal relationships. Drop friends and acquaintances who drain your energy. Run from women who are sucking your soul and finances dry.

This article and upcoming reports and ebooks are created to move you away from ground zero and on to the life you are entitled to. The road to healing and reboot is a fantastic path, and I welcome the company and accountability.

Chaz Lamm

If you are an introvert, male, and born between 1946 1964, you are certainly one of us. Join us at

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